“It’s all about the quality and the craft”

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

“It’s all about the quality and the craft”

Jay Bradley, Founder, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is different. This is not mass-produced whiskey, but an attention to detail and crafting process that creates the very finest craft Irish whiskey.

The company uses ultra-premium bourbon barrels from the US to mature its whiskey due to the quality of the wood. The top shelf bourbons dry their staves for longer to caramelize the lignin which makes the vanilla flavour. The Craft Irish Whiskey Co, knows that a premium level of spirit sat in this type of barrel produces a phenomenal Irish whiskey.

What sets The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. apart?

What really sets The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. apart from every Irish whiskey on the market? It’s the ABV that it’s casked at.

Traditionally in Ireland, whiskey comes off the sill at 77% ABV. Water is then added to bring the ABV down to 63-68%. The whiskey matures and comes out at 52-58% ABV. Water is added again, to bring it to 40-46% to go into bottle.

At The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. the water is added at the very beginning of the distillation process. So, the whiskey is cut down to 52% ABV when it goes into the barrel. It’s more expensive to do this, as more barrels and storage space is needed. There’s also more evaporation. But, by doing this, the water is in the barrel for 5 to 15 years allowing it to amalgamate with the whiskey and be flavoured by the wood. When the whiskey is ready, it has a much richer mouthfeel, better viscosity and deeper flavours. Ultimately, it produces a more premium quality Irish whiskey.

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