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Founder of The Craft Whiskey Co.

Jay Bradley Whiskey

Jay Bradley struggled very hard for over 15 years in building a successful business. His hard struggle for Irish whiskey made him the founder of Irish Whiskey Investment Company, Whiskey and Wealth Club and The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. At Whiskey and Wealth Club he is responsible for the strategic direction of the business. Building relationships with distillery partners made him a successful businessman.

After reading a book named “Truths about whisky”, Jay became a whiskey advocate. The book explained how The Liberties in Dublin (where Jay was born) was the epicentre of global whiskey. Shifting our focus to today, in almost every high-end restaurant around the world, you’d see one, or two Irish whiskeys next to at least 45 Scottish and eight American Whiskies on a menu. After seeing this, Jay set on a personal mission to made and endorse the luxury and craft side of the Irish whiskey.

Jay is an Irish entrepreneur and he gets a lot of media requests. He loves to answer questions but the most popular question he was ever asked is, “How did you get into the Whiskey game?”

Jay Bradley – Family Legacy

The one main thing you would need in the whiskey industry is the great sense of humour and his Dad has one. You might not know this, but his father became an internet sensation after his death by playing a practical joke on mourners at his own funeral. That video of his cries for help, sound like they were coming from grave and it went viral. He would have been joyful to know that his naughtiness gave the world a laugh.

His Dad was an entrepreneur. His main business was focused  on a chain of butcher shops. That is where he learned the family trade of spice blending. He also understood seasoning and flavours, and combinations. After his death, Jay meets a lot of people who loved the recipes that his Dad cooked up.



After that what he observed in the market places he decided that he is ready for the Whiskey business. But the nature was against it. His Dad fell ill with cancer and Jay left the business behind and returned home to be by his side.

Jay’s Dad was a dangerous man to talk dreams with, because he wouldn’t rest until he turned the dreams into reality. Just like his father, he took a pen in hands and both started to make a plan. After many hours of drinking, they had come up with what was to become the Whiskey and Wealth Club

Whiskey and Wealth Club’s comes with three main goals: to support distilleries by giving an income on excess immature whiskey stocks; and to fulfils the dream of father and son to resurrect the Irish industry; and generating the capital needed to fund The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

So Jay reached to an old friend, Scott Sciberras, to see if he was keen on this idea or not. He flew to Ireland; they researched the concept at distilleries across the whole country – over a few whiskeys — and shook hands on the deal.

So, It is a whole combination of Origin, Family Legacy, Learning Journey and Inspiration. As for Today, the Whiskey and Wealth Club is a huge success, while The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has been doing business as mature and rare whiskey. They are now on the edge of making one of the finest whiskies that the world has ever produced.

Jay Bradley The Learning Journey

Jay Bradley

Jay was passionate about the whiskey business but he was still not ready. After that when he cleared his understanding of the business. He worked very hard. Did two jobs together—Learning furniture making at day and rising from bottle washer to bar manager at night. It was not like all work and no play. He travelled the world, got married and has beautiful children.

In that time, he read books and insights from professionals like Tony Robbins, Jim Collins and Michael Gerber to lock down business theory. He attended a-lot of seminars and read MBA course work at night time. He also worked for other companies: to get know that where they were successful and where they were not and where he could make things better. After that, he started his own company and learned how to get the best from the staff. He motivated his staff and gave them opportunities. After that, he grew the business and works on the sales and marketing business and hired hundreds of employs.

After getting success in the business, he started learning barbeque – the making of a modern whiskey entrepreneur. That was a different line, part-time hobby but a focus. He took classes from the professionals such as Tuffy Stone and Myron Mixon. He practiced, Prepared and Perfected it. He won multiple first place trophies and even he competes at the World Championships as a pit master.

After that, he bought a wine bar and renovates it into a fun whiskey and cocktail bar with a smoke house restaurant. Now he was working on his two passions: love of fine whisky and BBQ. He worked very hard on both and made it into a successful business. And it that time period he made a discovery that would change his life. He looked at the list of Whiskies and found American, Japanese and Scottish Whisky – but only a few Irish. This trend was not limited to only his restaurant but in others, he travelled to different places and discovered the same thing. Every other business offered one or two Irish Whiskeys at best and more of other brands.

It was a big discovery and nobody was going after that. It took years of research through long forgotten books to make the best whiskeys ever produced. Some of the Distillers were making very bad tastes. He read about the gap in the Irish whiskey Rise and Fall and started working on that. Jay Bradley on why the industry is welcoming Irish whiskey protection in more international markets.

Jay Bradley – A Background

The Background Before Whiskey & Wealth Club (W&WC), there are couple of places where you could get casks of whiskey in Ireland. The vast majority were cask clubs, where a new distillery generates much-needed revenue by selling casks to fans. The casks are usually priced between the €5k and €9k mark. These are not really investments – it is unlikely that you will make a mint on a €6k cask when you decide to bottle or sell, as the purchase price was high. Cask clubs are more like a distillery fan club.

Get into W&WC, who accessible to hook up distilleries to cask buyers at costs below cask organizations – their very first offering was casks from Western side Cork Distillers. It seemed like a good proposition to all concerned – West Cork Distillers believed that the casks were going to be offered at a reasonable mark-up from their asking price of about a grand a cask. Except W&WC are not offering value, they are offering casks sold in pallets of six for €17k.

Western Cork Distillers have been even the resource for James Bradley’s Create Irish Whiskey Business, that also provided casks immediate to consumers but far more in the cask-team fashion. Those casks were priced at €7,650, with claims that a distillery was being built. Bradley told one Irish journalist that he has stills on order.

To the west Cork Distillers are no longer handling Bradley, neither will they be going be handling him down the road. Despite this, in an interview last July, Bradley insisted he was getting more casks this year from West Cork Distillers. This, West Cork Distillers have emphatically stated, is not the case. In fact, after seeing the prices W&WC were charging for casks, West Cork Distillers launched their cask co-operative where punters could buy casks for reasonable prices. It makes sense – West Cork Distillers have mature whiskey bottled and on supermarket shelves so you can test before you invest. West Cork Distillers have also been in operation for well over a decade, so they have a proven track record in business.

The following cask supplying from W&WC was less quantifiable. Boann in Louth only started distilling late last year after long delays. Their current whiskey, The Whistler, is sourced – they don’t make it, they just bottle it. So there is no way of knowing what the quality of their distillery output – ie, the liquid in the casks being bought through W&WC – is going to be like. Despite this Boann have been central to the W&WC operation for some time, with prospective buyers being shown around the distillery, with James Bradley acting as guide. Bradley is also offering members of the media tours of the distillery.

In doing what might have arrive as being a big surprise on the Cooney family, who personal Boann, Bradley recently released an ambitious bid to adopt across the distillery and brewery group of people, proclaiming that the Cooney kids ‘did not see themselves to be capable’ of utilizing the firm frontward.

It’s well worth directing out that, besides W&WC, not one of many, a great deal of enterprise organizations that I recognize which Bradley has been related to are already in residing nowadays. The lifespan for his jobs is apparently a couple of years, that folds up, and he progresses.

There are two pieces written about Whiskey & Wealth Club which are worth reading: One is on Bond Review. It eviscerates W&WC; but it also highlights that James Bradley was named as Bradley Jay on the company documents. When I queried this with W&WC, they blamed a company formation firm, and they corrected the error. I also queried why James Bradley was, at that time, not named or photographed on the W&WC team page. He has since been added.

“Craft whiskey is for those who enjoy the finer things in life”